Food Street as seen at night

Fort Road food street was properly established in 2012 near “Roshnai Gate” in walled city of Lahore, although the buildings are old but the area is renovated and as the name says its famous for the wide variety of food it has to offer with an amazing ambiance due to colorful lights and buildings with classical architecture which makes the experience of eating at that place, an experience to remember.

Lahore is not just famous for the old sites dating back to several hundreds of years, but also for the food. It has one of the most varieties of food in a single place in the whole world. It is known for its enticing food and if the food is served under the shadows of historic grandeur the taste is multiplied with the add-ons of the momentous ambiance and serenity. There is a popular saying in Punjabi (a regional language of Pakistan) which means “You are not born unless you have seen Lahore”. Cause Lahore is everything, it has the history of the Mughal Era, History of the British Rule, Food, Technology, Amazing People and what not?

The Food Street, today, is everything from traditional appetizers to a variety of scrumptious Lahori cuisines and topping it off with great tasting dessert, all restaurants are definitely for a food connoisseur. Cuckoo’s Den, Haveli, Riwaj, Samovar, Fort View Restaurant, are one of the most famous restaurants not just for delicious food but with a tempting presentation as well.

Ever heard of “Lassi”? It’s a drink made from yogurt and is an absolute heat killer, The food street has all the varieties of “Lassi”, by varieties I mean different preparation methods and flavors and this combined with food is pure happiness that satisfies your cravings.

A boy prepares Lassi


The illumination on the buildings is elevated with the presence of the street performers and musicians. From an infant to the old, every age group has something to see at Fort Road Food Street. The jugglers performing their skills, the soft heart touching melodies of violin, flute, toomba, and sitar take the visitor into an eternal dream.

Notice the colorful buildings? Imagine sitting in a place surrounded by them


Some of the famous dishes include Siri Paye, Biryani (the most popular dish in whole Pakistan and an absolute favourite of everyone as well), Hareesa, Taka tuk (Name derived from sound produced during preparation on hot plate), Nihari, Lassi, Faloda,…

Food we ordered was Chicken Karahi with Nan (bread) and variety of sauces


With everything available at one place, one can feel the grandeur of Mughal, Sikh, and British Colonial eras while tasting the tantalizing food and enjoying live cultural melodies and street performers. Fort Road Food Street is not just an eating hub, but an experience of historic proportions regardless of how many times you go there and to top it all, it’s one of the most economic places ever, meaning that the food will not go too hard on your wallet.

You can have an amazing experience of food in multiple visits because there is so much to try and the desi food may be a bit heavy for foreigners, but no matter what don’t forget tea in the end during winters or an ice cream during summers and yeah more visits will defiantly mean a wonderful experience.

Though Living in Islamabad, it was really an amazing experience to visit there during my semester break, the food is awesome and it was like a dream come true for a foodie like me.

About the budget, I can only say that you can have an amazing meal under 10$ for an individual, but it’s always fun in the group. And going there is easy just hire Uber or Careem and we are there. Best time is every time because there is always something special for each and every type of weather and Climate. And the main thing you have to do is Enjoy the food, the scenery and live preparation of food.

Only decent photo I can find from my phone, you can see the crowd in the background and it was the peak hour


This is Moiz PA 2016 from Pakistan and I am looking forward to giving you a tour whenever anyone of you visits.

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Written by Muhammad Moiz Ashraf Qazi


Thank you for your reading!