Hello, we are Chaewoon Shin and Jiheon Lee from BC South Korea, and Today, we will take you on a tour across Everland, the biggest and the most popular theme park in Korea.1

Everland is a theme park built by Samsung (Yes, it’s that Samsung, the company famous for electronic devices) in 1976. It started as a zoo at first, but now, it has turned into an amusement park that brings delight to people of all ages. The park contains almost all types of fun stuff that you can imagine. Safari parks, Roller coasters, an Art Museum, Arcades…you name it!

The park is located in Yong-in, Gyeong-gi-do, which is pretty far from Seoul. But don’t worry. The park has its own shuttle bus and a subway line (Also known as the Everline), so you can visit the park conveniently. The free-pass ticket for the park is 43000 won (37 USD) for adults, and 36000 won (31 USD) for teenagers. There are various ways to get discounts for the tickets. Just follow the park’s account on Facebook, Twitter or Kakaotalk.2

Now, let’s get straight to the park. The park is organized into 5 separate zones, all filled with different types of excitement. The first zone you can see as you enter the park is the ‘Global Fair’. This place is filled with gift shops, information desks, photo zones, and many more convenient facilities that you can use. This is the place where the ‘Magic tree’, the symbol of Everland, stands tall. If you are a tourist who is visiting Everland, we definitely recommend you to take pictures in front of this tree.3

When you head west from the Global Fair, you will reach ‘Zootopia (no, this isn’t named after the famous Disney movie)’, the zoo located inside Everland. The zoo has many animals such as white lions, white tigers, panda bears, and much more. The zoo is filled with programs and attractions where people can see, touch, and bond with the animals. One of the most popular attractions involving animals in this zone is ‘The Lost Valley’. In the Lost Valley, you can ride an amphibious vehicle (A car that can go on land and on the water), and watch animals such as Elephants, Giraffes, Zebras, and much more. It will be a really exciting experience. The zoo also has a Safari Park, where you can take a bus and see wild beasts. The ‘Amazon Express’, which is one of the attractions that represents the park, is also located in Zootopia. It’s basically a ride where you become an explorer who travels across the streams of Amazon. During hot summers, there’s nothing better than this ride. It will soak you with water, and with excitement.7.jpg

In the west of the park, our third zone, the ‘Europian Adventure’ takes place. This European-themed zone is filled with spots for great photos, and a romantic walk with your partner. Ironically, the most vicious attraction in the whole park is located in this zone, the T-Express. The T-Express is Korea’s biggest and baddest roller coaster. This wooden roller coaster is the world’s first roller coaster to drop 77 degrees, with its fastest speed reaching 104 kilometers per hour. If you’re a roller coaster lover, you should definitely check it out. Next to the T-Express is the ‘Horror Maze’, also an ironic attraction to be located in this zone. This maze is basically a haunted mansion which sends shivers down your spine. Trust us. We tried, and it was terrifying. Keep in mind that the Horror Maze isn’t always open. It is usually open during the summer until the early winter. You should buy another ticket for 5000 won (4 USD) for a try in this maze.

On the north of Everland, we have the ‘Magic Land’. This zone is usually for small children, and the attractions and the facilities are usually for family fun. You can find classic attractions in this zone, such as the bumper cars and the teacup rides. In here, you can visit the Aesop village, a zone which is themed after the famous book, Aesop´s Fables. You can meet your favorite characters from this book, such as the ant and the grasshopper, the rabbit and the turtle, and much more! The ‘Thunder Falls’, a flume ride which was built recently is also in Magic Land. This flume ride, with its maximum height of 20 meters, also falls backward. When you are not suspecting a thing, this ride will get you, soaking you with surprise and a lot of water.

On the east, we have the crown jewel of the park, the ‘American Adventure’. This Rock-N-Roll themed zone is packed with exciting rides for thrill lovers. There’s the ‘Championship Rodeo’, a ride that spins along the music, the ‘Hurricane’, which is a swing ride that the seat also spins, the ‘Rolling X-Train’, a loop roller coaster’, the ‘Let’s Twist’, which is a pinwheel-shaped ride that just spins you up on air, and the ‘Double Rock Spin’, a gigantic ride shaped like a guitar that rotates you up on air, and the ‘Columbus’s adventure’, the biggest pirate ship in Korea. We did a pretty poor job on explaining these attractions, and we hope the pictures below do a better job. After riding all these rides, you will be dizzy and exhausted but filled with excitement.

Now we’ve finished the tour! We hope you had a great time reading this. To finish it off, we’d like to give you some tips on enjoying Everland. First, there’s no ‘best season’ to visit Everland. The park always has festivals, parades, and much more excitement for different seasons. You can visit the park anytime, and you will still have lots of fun. But keep in mind that some of the attractions can be closed for monthly repairs. You can check that information on the official website. Also, installing the official Everland App can help. With the app, you can check the map of the park, and timetables of parades and concerts that you can enjoy. You can check the waiting time of attractions and even reserve boarding time. The whole park has Wi-Fi, so you’ll be able to use the app without any hardships.

So, that was our travel lookout for Everland. We hope you have a great time! Thanks for reading!

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Written by Jiheon Lee, Chaewoon Shin


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