Hong Kong have always had amazing tourist spots, and the Peak is no exception, thanks to its spectacular skyline nightview ranked as one of the best in the whole world.  But what makes a journey better is companionship.  On 6th October 2016, thanks to the participation in PA Camp in the 28th APCC, I had the valuable opportunity of visiting the Peak with Juhyun Lee, PA 2016 of South Korea, when Juhyun came to Hong Kong via a school study trip. 11

    Before our meet, Juhyun already spent a few days in Hong Kong with the fellow members in his study trip, and also visited the Victoria Harbour introduced in our previous article.  Following discussions, the meet was finally made possible – full of all sorts of time problems, concerns as to whether Juhyun’s school will allow such a meet, transport problems arising from the fact that I do not live close to the toourist spot…  This is when the magic of bonds and friendships built in APCC come into play.  APCC has always been a wonderful multicultural exchange programme involving numerous countries in the Asia-Pacific region, and connections built upon social, personality and background differences are particularly worth treasuring.  I was originally very hesitant about the meet as I had to go right after school, even though there is school the following day.  I even actually tried to accept the saying that we cannot meet because of various issues.  Yet the APCC nostalgia made me determined again to meet and to make things happen.  This is why APCC makes things happen.

    Things to see and do

    You can look at the nightview.  There are free spots for doing so.  You can also pay to go up to the top of the Peak Galleria, a large modern shopping mall, for viewing the skyline at an even higher position.  Shopping is quite expensive in the shopping mall, and is not really recommended – but there are numerous shops selling authentic souvenirs, ranging from key rings to T-shirts. 12

    Nightviews are actually found across the world, but the one in Hong Kong is truly one of the best of the best in the world as the Peak overlooks strikingly tall buildings on Hong Kong Island, while giving a glimpse into buildings across the Victoria Harbour as well.13


    You can choose to take the Peak Tram which is a transport system developed during the colonial times.  The experience is authentic, but there are really large crowds all the time, and the price goes up to around HK$30 depending on the type of ticket (round trip vs single fare).  Yet, it is worth it for those who seek memorable experiences.

As an alternative, a bus can also be taken and it costs HK$9 which is comparably much cheaper.  It takes around 60 minutes to go from the origin to the destination (from the Central Pier at the Victoria Harbour to the Peak).  It doesn’t take much longer than the Peak Tram as there are usually long queues at the tram.

    Climate, weather, good time to visit

    Generally, as Hong Kong is a small city, climate does not vary between different regions much.  In summer there may be typhoons bringing strong wind and rain.  It is generally subtropical climate with wet and hot summers, and slightly dry and cool winters.  The time suitable for visiting is actually all year round!

    How to get there (transportation alternatives): Please refer to the above

    Are you inspired to explore Hong Kong with your friends as well?  Tourist spots like the Peak in Hong Kong are always beautiful.  So are friendship.  What do you wait for?


Written by Matthew Wong


Thank you for your reading!