Travel "Lookouts"

BCIO 2016-2017 Common Activity


What is Travel Lookouts?

We all love to travel. It’s exciting, fun, and sometimes even life changing.

Before anyone goes on a trip, they research where they are going. Travel books, online guides, talking to friends and family, we love to know what we are going to see and do, and hate missing out. The best tips come from people who know the country the best, the locals. APCC has locals all through the Asia Pacific. What is the better way for you to get tips from the locals than to hear them from other APCC members?

Travel Lookouts is a travel guide written by locals to ensure you don’t miss the best bits when you next go on holiday. BRIDGE CLUB Members and former APCC Participants will upload local stories on the Travel Lookouts Blog, APCC Facebook page and BCIO website, and also share information to spread the APCC mission and vision so that external users learn about the APCC while using the guide too.

Through this project, we hope to spread the unique beauty of countries around the world and strengthen the network of global citizens.

Guideline of Travel “Lookouts”

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